Staying safe during COVID-19.

After the initial waves of uncertainty and anxiety, the only thing to do is to reflect, adapt, and move on. The fact of the matter is this. The world has now become a different place than it was not-too-long ago. Letting go of old ways, and adjusting to this new reality is going to be essential for moving forward. In my last article, I shared How COVID-19 has affected us. Today, I am going to talk about additional changes that I’ve made to the operating procedures at Murphy’s Paint Services to help keep everyone safe.

trying to safeguard against a microscopic threat can be frightening, but it is not a hopeless battle.

Keeping my family healthy and happy is my number one priority, and it is yours as well. My goal is to be a leader amongst all the painters in Barrie when it comes to reacting to COVID-19. The easiest thing that I can do to keep my clients safe is what I already do whenever I have to go out in public; I wear a mask and gloves to protect others against the risk of asymptomatic spread of COVID-19. It doesn’t look cool, and it’s not comfortable, but the thought of passing on a devastating infection to someone more vulnerable than myself is enough motivation for me. I’m not an expert on the prevention and risks associated with COVID-19. I get my information directly from the health experts at the Government of Canada.

hygiene and isolation aren’t always enough

The risk of spreading COVID-19 goes beyond just physical contact. There has been a lot of talk about disinfectant products and how keeping not only your hands, but the surfaces you touch clean. I have secured a supply of Bioesque Solutions, Botanical Disinfectant Solution to disinfect commonly touched surfaces on the job site. This biodegradable, zero VOC, food-safe product allows us to safely disinfect surfaces before, during, and after the painting process. This helps to ensure that surfaces like light switches, door handles, taps, and more can be effectively sanitized, giving peace of mind to myself and my customers. Before using any product in the fight against COVID-19, check to ensure it is on the list of approved disinfectants.

contact-free consultations in 3 easy steps

Finally, we have adjusted our processes for interacting with clients. I recently introduced an online consultation process, which allows my clients to easily provide details of their project, and upload photos for review. This eliminates the need for unnecessary visits to homes, offices, or other job-sites. If the online thing isn’t for you, that’s okay. We are still open to other methods of estimating, including socially distant site-visits, and video walk-throughs. I believe that my customers will really appreciate the ease of being able to get an estimate at their convenience, in the way that makes them the most comfortable. Because I think we can all use as much comfort as we can get right now.

How is your business or industry responding to the COVID crisis? Do you see benefits in the added precautions I have implemented? Do you think it’s all a big overreaction? Let me know in the comments.

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