luxury textures

capturing the personality of a room, our luxury textures can define a space, or subtly compliment it. with a wide variety of textures and finishes, there is a unique look available for everyone.

Venetian Plaster, Innisfil


traditional venetian plaster techniques have been around for centuries. we pair these traditional venetian plaster techniques with modern design to create stunning and unique feature walls, ceilings, fireplace surrounds, and more. designers love working with our different venetian plaster finishes because of the versatility they offer in both colour and texture, the convenience of quick installations, and the cost relative to alternative finishes like stone or brick.


are the finishes durable?

yes, the finishes are very durable. the base for our luxury textures and venetian plaster finishes are manufactured from crushed limestone in Italy using centuries old tradition mixed with modern technology. natural limestone is mixed with durable binding agents, creating a very hard surface when fully dried. we also coat the entire surface is a protective wax to help prevent hand prints, spills, or other stains from affecting the beauty of your wall.

are these like those big-box-store kits?

not at all. the kits that are available in box stores are designed for do-it-yourself projects, but the products we use are manufactured for professional installation only. we received advanced training directly from our supplier, and have since spent years perfecting the craft.


furthermore, most of the products you can buy in retail stores are acrylic based plasters. we use traditional lime based venetian plaster, imported directly from Italy. in addition to staying true to the heritage of these finishes, the lime base actually makes the product naturally mould and mildew resistant. this is a great example of how new technology can make something cheaper, but not better.

Can you do styles that I don't see here?

absolutely! there are so many different ways of applying these finishes and we can adapt the technique to create new looks inspired by you! from high gloss venetian plaster to rough lime-concrete and everywhere in between. contact us today to request a look book and see just a small sample of what can be done with these incredible products.

Venetian Plaster, Oakville