fine finishing

the kitchen is the heart of your home. in it, you make delicious food, important life decisions, and incredible memories. don't just paint your kitchen cabinets, they deserve to be professionally finished.

Fine Finishing, Innisfil

beautiful carpentry. beautiful finish.

when you have a beautiful cabinet, shelf, or mantle, you need a beautiful finish to match. we bring spray shop finishing into your home, giving you the option of refinishing instead of replacing. our environmentally friendly, water-based lacquers leave a gorgeous finish that you can't help but run your hand along. a treat for the eyes and to the touch, our clients often remark "it doesn't feel like paint". that's because it isn't.

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will my whole house be a mess?

not even a little bit. we use a low pressure spray system, but more importantly we have the ability to create a negative pressure environment that not only contains, but also filters the airborne particulates created in the finishing process. this means that your home (and the air you breathe) stays just as clean as it was before we started. not sure what all that low pressure, negative pressure stuff is all about? that’s okay, all you need to know is that we go the great lengths to make sure your experience is as high quality as our work.

why don't you just call it kitchen painting?

there is an implied difference in the quality and durability of something that is “painted” compared to something that has been “finished”. for example, “paint” can typically be applied with a brush, roller, or by spray application. the products we use are a spray-only application, and are not marketed to homeowners or DIY enthusiasts because there is a level of skill that is required to properly use them. some popular retail brands sell paint specifically marketed to “coat your cabinets”. they claim these products are more durable because they have urethane added to an acrylic base. our high quality finishes are used in furniture and other manufacturing settings because they are made with a polyurethane base (not just an additive), which means they are more durable, more washable, and more stain resistant.

how long will it last?

when you hire us to refinish your kitchen or other woodwork, you can expect to enjoy the beautiful look for many years to come with minimal effort. taking care of the finished surfaces is easy, just wipe them clean with a soft, damp cloth whenever necessary. that’s it.

it all sounds very expensive...

but having your kitchen cabinets professional refinished is a LOT less expensive than replacing them. companies that exclusively paint kitchens are well aware of this, and they charge a premium for the work because they know the alternative is much more expensive. not only that, some companies will even encourage you to reface your kitchen, which often times means downgrading from solid wood doors to MDF or other composite materials. before you make a decision, get all the information. we are happy to talk about your project and give you an honest to goodness recommendation with no obligation.

Fine Finishing, Alliston